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Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability

Covers liability for damages because injury and/or damage to property of another person caused by an accident. 

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Collision Coverage

Covers damage, caused by collision, to an owned automobile or non-owned auto at actual cash value and does not cover any decrease in value of the vehicle after it is repaired.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Covers damage, other than collision, to an owned automobile or non-owned automobile, as defined in the policy, at actual cash value, if caused by certain named perils other than collision. The maximum amount of coverage is the actual cash value of the insured vehicle and does not cover any decrease in value of the vehicles after repairs are made.

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Uninsured motorist

Covers damages an uninsured is legally entitled to recover for bodily injury or death in an accident from the owner or operator of an uninsured vehicle or underinsured vehicle. 

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Medical Payments

Covers medical-related expenses to treat injuries to a covered person and funeral expenses of a deceased covered person if the injury or death was caused by an accident. 

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Transportation Expense

Pays for alternative transportation in the event a vehicle insured under collision for comprehensive coverage suffers a covered loss.

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Fire, Lightning, Transportation, theft & combined additional

Covers damage to or loss of an owned automobile or non-owned automobile caused by certain specified perils. Maximum amount payable is actual cash value without any payment for decrease in value of an insured vehicle after it is repaired. No deductible applies to this coverage, except a $25 deductible applies to loss caused by malicious mischief or vandalism. 


How much coverage do I need?

Determining the right amount of coverage may seem like a daunting task but with the experience of our local agents in your community, they'll help you find the right coverage. Whether it's for your home, auto, farm or life, AFR Insurance is prepared to help you.

Find an AFR agent today and start exploring the coverage options that best fits your needs! 

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The AFR Insurance Personal Automobile Program is only available to full-time Oklahoma residents and students that are temporarily residing in another state.


Multi-Car Discount

Discount for covering more than one automobile on the policy.

Jump!Start Discount*

Discount for new policy holders during their first 60 months with no at-fault accidents.

Good Student Discount

Discount for full-time students attending high school, vocational school, college, or university and maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

Safe Driver Discount

Discount for drivers with no points on their record in the previous 36 months.

Experienced Driver Discount

Discount for driver who has been continuously insured for at least 60 months and have no at-fault accidents in the previous 60 months.

Drivers Education Discount

Discount for drivers under the age of 23 who have completed a school-taught drivers education course, have no more than 1 point on their record in the previous 36 months and have no at-fault accidents.

Accident Prevention Discount

Discount for drivers who have completed an eligible motor vehicle accident prevention course.

Paid-in-Full Discount

Discount on your total policy premium, excluding membership dues, when your entire policy is paid on or before the effective date.

Multi-Policy Discount

Discount applied to policy if the named insured has an in-force homeowner or farmowner policy.

Payment History Discount

Discount will be applied to policies that have no more than one fee in the previous twelve months. If a 12 month payment history is not available, the last six month period will be reviewed.

*Must have proof of 12 months prior insurance, with no lapses, to qualify for discount.

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AFR Insurance has been serving Oklahomans since 1905. For over 100 years, we have worked to provide the best in class products and service. We are equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. 


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Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determination. Such terms may vary and exclusions may apply. Other discounts may be available on an individual basis. All policies are different and your policy may not qualify for all discounts listed.


AFR Insurance is proud to have earned a Financial Stability Rating of A' from Demotech, Inc. The Financial Stability Rating is an indicator of an insurance company's strength. An A' rating means AFR "possess Unsurpassed financial stability related to maintaining surplus as regards policyholders at an acceptable level."

Demotech awards this rating after performing a thorough review of a company's financial statements. This rating is independent of the size of a company due to Demotech's belief that a small, well-run insurer may outperform a larger insurance company.