Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness month!


The last year and a half have been a time of great turmoil and loss for many due to the impact of the pandemic.  AFR Life Insurance Company is here to provide the financial security many need and a financial safety net for your family.  While these uncertain times have been challenging, there are factors that you can control regarding the financial protection of your loved ones. 


Review – Evaluate - Validate

  1. Review your current life insurance coverage – Are your beneficiaries current and updated on your coverage and is your policy stored in a place that your beneficiary is aware of and has access to?

  2. Evaluate the financial needs of your family – Ensure that you review all coverage with your agent to evaluate the long term and short term needs of your family if your income were no longer available to them.

  3. Validate basic coverage information – Keep your carrier current on your address, phone number and any life changing events such as divorce and a new child that should be added to child coverage.


As you traverse this new landscape, the future financial viability of your family is a critical factor that AFR Life Insurance Company can support you through. 

life insurance

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